1st Grader Cares for Homeless Person

This morning, K – 3 sang together as they frequently do Friday mornings. We started out with our theme song “Show a Little Bit of Love and Kindness.” A student raised her hand and said she saw something this morning and she thinks Jesus would like us to do something about it. She hopped up and grabbed a marker, ready to draw or write it out. I suggested she just tell us with her words. She said on the way to school they saw a homeless man sleeping on the sidewalk by a nearby church. She wondered if we could go and take him home and give him some food so he wouldn’t die. I told her maybe we could do something and that we could talk to Mr. H later. After classes were dismissed from singing, I took Grade 1 down to the office to talk with Mr. H. She explained to him what the problem was and wondered if we could take him some food. Another child wondered about some clothes. Mr. H wondered about taking him a Subway gift card so he could get food if he was hungry and perhaps he could find out if he needs food. The children were ready to go with him to help the man, but I told them Mr. H would take care of it but that we could pray for the man. We went up to the classroom and 3 of the kids had heartfelt prayers for the man (and also for another student’s bite on his neck). Her prayer included “Help our class to be flourishing and the whole school to be flourishing and not to be toxic.” Mr. H later came and told us that he had gone over to the man and he was still sleeping, so he decided not to wake him up. He put the Subway card beside the man so he could see it when he woke up.