My Cat

Chasing my cat down the hall, I stumble upon something tasty, something crunchy, something called a treat! I throw it down the stairs and my cat Fuzzball chases it quickly and chows it down. I speed down the stairs to continue the chase. My stomach grumbles. I go to obtain some popcorn. I eat it on the couch, and Fuzzball joins me. He starts to purr, so I rub his huge belly. The popcorn was delightful and full of fantastic butter. I have to leave, and when I do, Fuzzball starts a party! When we race back, we find awful amounts of treats and bugs! We acquire bug repellent and spray it everywhere. After the incident, I pet my cat’s amazingly fluffy head on my bed. Then at supper, I get some juicy, marvelous PB and J. After that, I dash to bed and Fuzzball lays on my legs.

Will T. Daugherty