Street connections with an HCS Family

I was on the way home from church one dark, rainy evening. I heard a bunch of voices on the other side of the street and heard a man call to me. I turned and saw the Semgrove family. Sam and Joseph were yelling “Ms. Melanie, Ms. Melanie,” and waving enthusiastically from their places in the van. Somehow they had spotted me all the way across the street in the darkness. Dad opened the van door, and I went over to talk to the family.

Dad said, “You just made their night.”
 Grandma said, “I don’t know what you’re doing to these kids, but every time they see you, they get so excited.”
 Sam said, “I’ll see you on Monday!”
The family was on their way home from church and had stopped to drop off the grandmother when I walked past. They certainly made my night too.